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Translators for Law and Industry Übersetzer für Recht und Wirtschaft Traducteurs pour le droit et de l'industrie Traductores de derecho y de la industria Переводчики для права и промышленности Traduttori per diritto e l'industria מתרגמים למשפטים ותעשייה Tradutores para o Direito e a Industria When precision counts... Donnell Reed & Partner LLC ...nothing replaces experience.

Donnell Reed & Partner is an international association of professional translators with many years of experience on the European and US translation markets. Since 1993, we have provided translation services for law firms, banks, investment funds, the legal departments of industrial and service corporations, and independent auditing companies within Europe and the United States.



Legal Translation

If you are an independent lawyer, law firm member, corporate counsel, notary public or legal consumer looking for competent professionals to translate your complex legal documents precisely and rapidly,

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Legal Translation Service



Financial Translation

Bankers, independent auditors, accountants and tax consultants looking for competent professionals to translate your financial statements, reports and other complex documents quickly and accurately,

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Financial Translation Service



Commercial Translation

If you are a manager, secretary or support staff member looking for competent professionals to render fast and accurate translations of your business correspondence, terms and conditions of business or marketing materials,

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Commercial Translation Service



Technical Translation

Are you a software or product manufacturer, inventor, patent attorney or consumer looking for a translation of a technical manual or product description?

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Technical Translation Service


  • Quality, punctuality and reliability are what is important to us. That's why we come to you.
  • I wrote the text myself. But your translation really helped me to understand the subject-matter.
    ML, Professor of International Tax Law
  • I am fully and completely satisifed. Nothing comes to mind in terms of potential improvements. I congratulate you on that!
  • Overall, I am very satisfied with Donnell Reed & Partner LLC. DRP is at all times my first choice for translations German-English and English-German. The quality of the translations is always good, and the price is much better than the price of most competitors. The timing of your deliveries is good as well. It is perfectly understandable that you have to work on many jobs at the same time and hence cannot always deliver "on demand." But the estimated times are always kept, and this is a good service. [...] With other translation services I had the experience of translations that were really wrong and full of gaps and this is why I choose Donnell Reed & Partner LLC, as you are reliable. You understand the texts legally and always get the content of the texts right on the mark. Kind regards,
    CR, Attorney at Law
  • Fast replies and always punctual deliveries; also reachable in NY when everybody here in Berlin is sleeping.
  • We have been satisifed with the work of your company for so many years!