Corporate History of Donnell Reed & Partner LLC

1993       Having worked at a top-notch legal and financial translation company in Madrid for several years, Donnell Reed opens Berlin-based Hempel & Reed GbR Legal and Financial Translations. Holger Porath joins to oversee translations into German.


1994       DR translates several thousand pages for a US plant constructor fighting the outcome of a public tender before administrative courts in Germany.

1995       DR oversees the translation of 6,000 pages for a due-diligence review associated with a ground-breaking merger between one US and two European telecommunications firms.

1996       DR translates the initial draft of what later becomes the official English translation of the German Telecommunications Act.

1997       Donnell Reed & Partner Partnerschaftsgesellschaft is formally constituted as Berlin’s 66th professional partnership by 6 full-time translators and one full-time administrative assistant.

1998       DRP is awarded contracts by the European Union for translations in competition and tax law.

2002       The Translation Service of the European Union ranks DRP as its No 1 external translation company (in price-quality terms) in competition and tax law.

2005       With a Berlin IT service provider, DRP organises an Internet portal enabling three US law firms to review 10,000 documents translated by DRP in five months in order to conduct litigation against a media giant in Germany. Fifty (50) translators and proofreaders work full time on the project for 6 months under DRP’s management.


2008       Donnell Reed & Partner LLC is formally constituted in the State of New York.

2013       The core DRP team celebrates its 20th anniversary working together as full-time legal and financial translators.