Our Process

When it comes to translation quality, nothing replaces expertise.


Generally, we implement the best industry practices we have developed over our 25 years as full-time legal and financial translators.

Our best practices for each assignment include:

Step 1: Assessment of the Specific Translation Requirements
We provide scalable and cost-effective solutions to meet your exact translation needs. Whether large or small, we are able to assess your translation requirements to provide you exactly and only what you need. See Case Study 1 on how we can scale solutions to add value to your translation projects.

Step 2: Translation, Editing and Review: The Right Combination for Your Translation Needs
All texts translated and edited by our junior translators are reviewed before delivery, as are our certified translations.

Depending on the agreed nature of the assignment (e.g. document for publication), translations rendered by our senior translators may also be edited or reviewed by another senior translator.

Rule of thumb: The more editing and review, the more added value.

Our Permanent Foundation – Proper Training of Translators
There is no better guarantee of translation quality than experience. That is why we have always emphasized not merely careful screening but in-depth training of our junior translators.