Donnell Reed & Partner is an international association of professional translators with many years of experience on the European and US translation markets. Since 1993, we have provided translation services for law firms, banks, investment funds, the legal departments of industrial and service corporations, and independent auditing companies within Europe and the United States.


Whether in New York, London, Brussels, Frankfurt or Berlin, Donnell Reed & Partner LLC is known by lawyers, notaries, bankers, managers, corporate counsels and officers, secretaries, investors, inventors and independent auditors to be a premiere address for legal and financial translation services.

In 2002, the Translation Service of the European Union ranked us as its No. 1 external translation company (in price-quality terms) in competition and tax law. Two decades of experience simply set our team apart, lending our partners exceptional individual capacities and managerial efficiency.

Each of our partners is expected to translate at least 5,000 words a day. And in rare cases when a legal and financial translation project exceeds our in-house capacity, our partners organize effective solutions, not as mere intermediaries but as personal evaluators and warrantors of the highest quality obtainable on today’s translation market.

We seek continuity in our long-term business relationships with clients, and thus want to make their outsourcing more price-effective than in-house translators ever could be. This is why some of the most renowned names in the international legal and financial worlds have come to rely on our translation expertise.